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The Rowan University BFA in Biomedical Art and Visualization (BMAV) program combines art, design, science and medical based content using a variety of digital media and computer graphic technologies. The major allows the student to focus on future career possibilities in the areas of medical and scientific: visualization, information design, animation and interactive educational games and applications. The major is based on the traditional field of scientific and medical illustration with the curriculum for this program incorporates leading-edge, innovative concepts and digital media techniques, which include: digital painting, drawing, and graphics; 3D modeling, 2D/3D animation, interactive design and visualizations. This program is designed to prepare students for a professional career in the field(s) of scientific and medical illustration, animation, information design interactive simulation, and visualization. The degree is designed to have a comprehensive and interdisciplinary focus on applied arts and sciences. The Biomedical Art and Visualization major is at the forefront of newly emerging digital media markets, whereby scientific and medical visualization are in demand in these areas: consumer health and pharmaceutical markets, medical device and biotechnology media markets, veterinary medicine markets, television & film, publishers (magazines, journals, news, textbooks) medical & scientific advertising, hospitals & healthcare agencies, university service bureaus, research institutes, government agencies, medical legal firms and forensic reconstruction / criminal investigation visuals, museums and cultural institution exhibitions, serious gaming and simulation, and instructional design and e-learning.