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The Developing Human & Heart Explained is a demo of animation clips showing the time lapse growth of the human post fertilization and through the process of growth to birth. The reel then continues to show the heart develop from its primordial two tubes to the full beating heart. The clips then progress to break down the schematic functions of the heart; ending with a fly through within the adult heart. The demo was developed by Amanda Almon, with contributing illustrations by Gale Whitman. The work was completed for commercial entity Visible Productions, L.L.C for Wadsworth Publishing and Prentice Hall.

*The animation streams from the server, please allow a few seconds for the animation to begin downloading after you click play. If the animation is slow or skips - please just restart by pressing the "X" button then Play*

Developing Human & Heart Explored
Autodesk 3DS MAx | Combustion | After Effects | Photoshop