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The Veterinary Health Visualizations depict several animation clips of different veterinary educational animations. These animations were developed through commercial means at Visible Productions L.L.C; in collaboration with artists: Steve Hade and Trey Cook. 3D Models, Animation, textures and technical compositing completed by Amanda Almon. The copyrights are owned by corporate entities (Novartis, Bayer, Merial, Rocket Pictures.) The animation is used here for self promotion for the artist only.

*The animation streams from the server, please allow a few seconds for the animation to begin downloading after you click play. If the animation is slow or skips - please just restart by pressing the "X" button then Play*

Veterinary Health Visualizations - Canine Micro Anatomy Explored
Autodesk 3DS Max | Combustion | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Photoshop